During my …hiatus, while I didn’t blog, I did conduct *ahem* research for future blogs… lots of research. In the process I got somewhat accidentally obsessed.

It is over a month after the apocalypse, when angels attacked from the skies and laid waste to the modern world. Seventeen year-old Penryn must navigate the now-treacherous streets of Northern California fending for herself along with her schizophrenic mother and 7 year-old wheel chair-bound little sister. When her sister is taken by a vengeful angel, Penryn must strike up an uneasy and unusual alliance with Raffe, a wingless angel, and embark on a dangerous journey to get her sister back.
Dangerous journeys, uneasy alliances, quests for vengeance – what’s not to love?

I’m not entirely sure if I have the words to express just how much I love this book. I listened to it almost non-stop and took any opportunity I could to keep listening to it, even if it was just for three minutes. I even caught myself thinking that I was a part of the book sometimes. Why do I do this? I don’t have to rescue my sister. I don’t have a sister. I realise I have a problem but while it’s a really good sign that I have some serious issues, it’s also a good indicator of an amazing book.

Angelfall is immensely engaging; the narrative is so compelling and everything is described in such detail. I think I could probably play the entire book back in my head as a movie, almost a month later, I can still see scenes from the book in my head in vivid detail. It’s (obviously) very well written and the dialogue flows very naturally. Penryn is a very good character who is both physically and internally strong. I think what makes the characters in this book so compelling is the fact that they are all realistic, and realistically flawed. The pace moves slow enough to allow for detail, but fast enough to keep you (obsessively in my case) hooked.

The sequel was equally gripping and also took a little bit of my heart with it when I finished it. Everything ramps up and just gets even better.

Can you tell I like these books? Now go read them.