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On identity, and racial Imposter Syndrome


Imposter syndrome is the fear that you will be exposed as a fraud. It’s the irrational belief that one day someone will catch on to you; that you’re not as good at something as you or everybody else has been led to believe. It’s the feeling that you don’t have the right to an identity, even though cold hard proof in the form of genetics would suggest otherwise.

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Review: The Amazing Spiderman 2, and Women in Refrigerators


I think we can all agree that refrigerators are not the most hygienic places to store bodies.

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Review: Red Queen


Strap in folks, because we’re talking about tropes

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Meghan Trainor, you’re not the boss of me


Every time someone mentions Meghan Trainor around me, a little fire of rage ignites inside me. I feel like that’s a pretty good, neutral way to start this off.

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Review: Focus


Never drop the con. But also, more importantly never drop the plot line.
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An impassioned post about love triangles

Ahh love triangles… It’s gotten to the point now, where if I see a blurb that vaguely hints at a love triangle, my knee jerk reaction is to cringe away. Of course, not all love triangles are bad, but I have read so many books with the same old, repetitive formula, that I now have a nervous twitch. It’s becoming a problem.
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Review: The Young Elites


I have praised the many virtues of Marie Lu’s writing on multiple occasions, so my reaction, upon discovering that she had a new book out went something along the lines of Marie Lu = Good. Book = Good. New Marie Lu book = Want.

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The Ten Commandments of Book-ness

Say, what month is it? Why it’s Booktober, of course! November is for the moustachioed and bearded people, but Booktober is our month, the month of the book nerds! (Bearded and moustachioed book nerds feel free to join in on the fun) Is it technically the middle of the week? Yes! Did Booktober technically start three days ago? Yes! Will that stop me from revelling in my Booktober joy? NEVER!
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Review: Throne of Glass

This book is another product of my hiatus, and it is no less obsession-inducing than last week’s book.
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